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  • Fyn Account It's an accounting software that handles all the financial transactions.
  • Clearing and Forwarding This software makes it easy for clearing & forwarding Agents to clear Jobs and and deliver to customer.
  • Logistics & Delivery Every logistics company should have this software to simplify operations and maximize profit.
  • HRM effortlessly manage staff and customers details
  • Project Management Helps you breakdown project into smaller task and assign each to various team member for easy project delivery.
  • Online Store Make it easy to start selling products and services online and help you collect payments directly to your bank account.

Jiffye Features

Jiffye software is the best and easy to use business tool for smart business owners, who want to have control over their business. With Jiffye business owners get up to date reports of business activities irrespective of the business location.


We take Security very seriously that's why our software is built for enterprise business level. Every business maintain a private database so you can get your data whenever you need it. Our infrastructure is within Google Cloud Service for Reliability and efficiency.

User Roles & Audit Trail

You have a software that works the way you want, putting control in your hands, so you can decide what employee can view and can do. Block just about anything form viewing, editing or deleting. you have logs of user activities so you can track who did what base on date time and location.

Multiple Branch

You can add unlimited number of your business branch and control every activity from one platform. Each branch can have different currency and operate according to their local timezone.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence gives you graphical charts on how your business is doing with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for informed decision making.

AI Powered Setup

Setting up your business on Jiffye takes few minutes, with AI assisted setup to guide you through each step of the way to configure how your business work.

Any Device

Pick up transactions or communication from where you left off across devices. We have intuitive responsive web interface that goes with any device.


Why thousands of businesses trust us

  • Support: We are always there for you, like you are the only customer.
  • Quick Setup We get you up and running fast to meet deadlines.
  • Customization Jiffye software is highly customizable to suite any business needs.
  • Everything in one App No need to switch different apps to get things done. Jiffye handles it all.

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Start your business with 1-5 Users $6/user

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Run your business - 10-20 Users $5/user

$50/ Month ($600/Year) Save $120


Professional Plan

Awesome Powerful Features from 21 - Unlimited Users $20/user

$400 / Month ($4,800/Year)


Basic Plan

Start your business with 1-5 Users $12/user

$60/ Month


Standard Plan

Run your business - 10-20 Users $15/user

$150/ Month


Professional Plan

Awesome Powerful Features from 20 - Unlimited Users $30/user

$600/ Month


Other Billing Information:

Our pricing varies per industry, other software support features and level of priority support. For futher information on billing kindly send an email to

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